The fees for the program is USD 700 for 10 days per person. This includes -

  • shared accommodation in a unit containing one bedroom with twin beds, a separate dining area, a shaded verandah and a large bathroom.
  • simple vegetarian diet food which is organic
  • daily routine kit

The above fees does not include -

  • incidentals like laundry, internet, telephone and miscellaneous - will be charged at actuals
  • cost of any consultations, treatments and medicines in vaidyagrama
  • transport costs to and from vaidyagrama - will be charged at actuals based on prevailing rates
  • program content and guidance by the facilitators

In case, single accomodation is preferred, the fee will be USD950 for 10 days.


One of the founding principles of the Punarnava family was to move from a transactional relationship to a healing relationship over a period of time. For the Ayurveda texts are strongly of the opinion that the “healer or teacher or facilitator should not charge a fee towards his or her services” as that will devalue the benefit from the treatment.

As we are strongly committed to authenticity, we are now earnestly commencing the process of moving towards a complete healing relationship. At the same time, it is imperative that we also move towards sustainability wherein the service providers (healers, teachers, facilitators, therapists and others) and the services are well taken care of, and we are also able to continue to conduct such programs on a regular basis.

Hence we are not putting a fees for the program content and guidance by the facilitators. We request you to make a donation towards this based on your estimation of the value you have derived from the program as also the extent of your resources. We will be happy to accept any contribution that you may make which will go a long way in supporting the achievement of our long term vision.