An experiential Ayurveda lifestyle program

may 1 to 10 2015.

The Ayurveda in Daily Life Programme provides practical experience and understanding of how to integrate Ayurveda into daily life. A guided but completely hands on programme where you will experience Ayurveda simply by living in harmony with the natural rythmns of life.

Traditionally, Ayurveda learning happened experientially by living in a family where Ayurveda had been practiced as a way of life for many generations and/ or by studying under a vaidya (Ayurveda healer) who would teach the student in the classroom of nature. 

By observing the natural rythmns of nature and experiencing their effects on life, the student would imbibe a profund  awareness of Ayurveda. In this programme you can experience the  rhythms of nature by living in harmony with them. As you learn how to make healthy adaptation to these rhythms you will begin to perceive Ayurveda as dynamic wisdom which can be applied at any time, to any place. Not only will you live Ayurveda in this programme but you will begin the  journey to reawaken the natural healer from within.

In Ayurveda, time is associated with the functional energies of air, fire and earth. The 24 hour day is divided into six parts and each part is dominated by one of the three functional energies. Our daily activities have been arranged so that you are optimally supported by these energies. For example, the functional energy of air is dominant around sunrise and sunset hence it is the best time to connect with the subtler energies of our being; the fire around noon supports our digestion and the earthiness of evening grounds us for sleep.